The German School of Connecticut provides German language and culture instruction for children Pre-K-12 and adults in a professional, stimulating and friendly atmosphere. Besides offering classroom activities, it provides an international and intercultura



Dear Parents, Alumnae, Alumni and Friends of the German School of Connecticut,

Many believe that paying tuition should be sufficient to run our school. Our low tuition, however, does not cover the expenses of running an organization dedicated to the education of over 350 students in Stamford and West Hartford. Our fundraising efforts such as the Pausentisch, book sales and our yummy bread table, combined with many others such as Amazon and One Cause certainly help. But without your direct financial donations during our Annual Fund Drive, we would not be able to continue teaching German language and culture to the communities in and around Connecticut.

Your participation in our annual fund drive is much more than a simple investment in your children’s prospects of entering the best American colleges and universities. It is more than an improvement in your family’s communication with relatives in the "old country" and continuation of a culture in which we all take great pride. It is a signal to the German School of Connecticut of your approval in our mission and the hard work of our students in reaching the highly set goals of biculturalism. In a time when American schools are eliminating their German language departments, you are providing your children with an experience which will open up your student to a limitless international future.

The Ulrich Geldmacher Memorial Fund was founded in memory of a parent and director who has contributed a great deal towards the success of our school. Every year it supports a scholarship for a student to attend the German School of Connecticut. Please consider supporting this fund as well.

You can make your tax-deductible contribution at the registrar's table in Stamford or Hartford. Or just mail your donation to

The German School of Connecticut c/o Annette Flogaus-Bareiss

113 Old North Stamford Rd, Stamford, Ct. 06905.

For those of you who have already given or plan to give, a heartfelt thank you! 

To donate online, please click here.