The German School of Connecticut provides German language and culture instruction for children Pre-K-12 and adults in a professional, stimulating and friendly atmosphere. Besides offering classroom activities, it provides an international and intercultura




As you may be aware, the German School of Connecticut is a not-for-profit organization. All funds raised throughout the year will be used to help keep tuition costs low. The school depends on our volunteers to keep the ongoing costs as low as possible. Without volunteers we would need to hire personnel doing jobs, such as hallway-monitors, Pausentisch personnel, teachers' helpers, etc..
Beyond the financial background, volunteering is an essential part of our community to promote cultural exchange, experiences, etc.. It is also a great source for additional information you may find useful, such as ethnic stores, cultural events and so much more...
At the beginning of each semester we ask our students' parents to sign up for the following voluntary activities:
Activity Description
Hallway Monitor Sit in the hallway and re-enforce the school's rules
Teachers' Helper Teachers' support by helping with secondary activities
Classroom Parent Be a teacher liaison for other classroom families for a semester
Merchandiser Help at the merchandise sales table
Event Parents Logistic support before, during and after cultural events
IT Committee Support, alter and maintain the school's IT infrastructure
Book Sale Helper Support the semi annual book sale
Event Photographer Document school events by taking pictures and videos
Communication Help with writing and designing newsletters, etc.
Fund Raising Support our fundraising activities


Please let us know what you are interested in!
The GSC Team!





Dear Parents; 

To follow up on Monday’s email, and while it’s still early, we’re already short volunteers for the first couple of Saturdays. 

Please see if you can help out early in the school year so we can have a good start and impress any visitors we may have for the open house. We need parents to sign up as hallway monitors, Saturday morning helpers and library assistants.

Vielen Dank!




Dear Parents,

I hope you enjoyed the Labor Day weekend. With German School starting next Saturday, I would be most grateful if you could take this opportunity to review and sign up for the many volunteer positions that are so important to keep the school operating.  All of the positions are important to the operation of the school, and your participation ensures that critical functions are covered. With your support the school is able to maintain tuition at current levels. 
•Volunteer Positions are categorized into Saturday Morning positions, Year-round positions, and Classroom Parents. ?The Saturday Morning Positions are Saturday Morning Helper and Hallway Monitor. The school requires a total of five volunteers for these two positions each Saturday on which we are in the school building. If you choose to be a Saturday Morning volunteer, please note that you are required to fill four of the open spots per school year (two per semester).
?The Year-round Positions are listed in the attached PDF document. Each position shows a description of the activities, a contact person for additional details, as well as the number of volunteers required for each position. Please review these descriptions and contact the person listed for each opportunity for additional detail, if needed.
?Each class requires a classroom parent. If you have indicated during the registration process that you would like to be a classroom parent, Markus Nottelmann will be contacting you in a separate e-mail.

All volunteer opportunities are listed in the volunteer sign-up tool on the school's registration website, Please review the schedule and click on 'Sign up' for the volunteer spots you intend to sign up for. You will be asked to log in with your username and password before you can complete your sign-up. 

If signing up online is not possible, please stop by at the volunteer sign-up table in the cafeteria on the first Saturday of school. One of the officers will assist you in the signup process.

•Please complete the sign-up process by Saturday, September 20th. If you have not signed up for a volunteer position by this date you will receive an invoice from the registration system for the $120 opt-out fee the school assesses.
I encourage you to review the available positions and sign-up for your choice as quickly as possible.

Please contact me if you have any comments or questions.

Have a great school year!


Philip Wiegand
 Volunteer Coordinator